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Released more than a year ago, Primexbt trading has gradually defeated the heavyweights and asserted itself in the financial market, especially in terms of Bitcoin trading in the cryptocurrency market. Along with Binance and also showing many advantages over Binance, Primexbt affirms that it will soon be more popular with users around the world, bringing Primexbt service to all investors who trust and support.

Of course, in order to be able to serve the most demanding investors, Primexbt gradually perfects its services, ensuring the criteria of security, safety, ease of use… to compete professionally with peer-to-peer platforms and gain support from Bitcoin and crypto traders. Primexbt knows that investors will benefit when investing and will be very careful to choose the best platform to invest. Below this article, we will analyze with you why Primexbt is the #1 candidate for Bitcoin Trading.

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There are three main factors that will be compared when determining which platform is best for users.

Factor 1: Privacy and Security

The cases of exchanges revealing user information or being attacked by hackers seem to be no stranger to each of us.

Famous as one of the exchanges that attract a large number of investors, but a few months ago, users on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance were extremely scared by a large amount of personal data after photos and information related to the user KYC process leaked and released publicly on a Telegram group platform. Up to 60,000 customers of Binance became victims of this incident. These customers mostly created accounts between 2018 and 2019. The data stolen and transmitted to the outside included selfies, names, passwords and more, all of which are personal information needed. service security. This leak puts Binance in jeopardy and puts the privacy and security of all of these customers in a particularly dire situation.

Through this incident, Primexbt emerged as a secure exchange, allowing users to set up trading accounts anonymously and without transferring any personal information or performing KYC procedures to ensure highest security for users’ personal data.

PrimeXBT Trading also utilizes industry-leading security features to protect users from potential threats, utilizes a multi-layered security system, and stores the majority of clients’ digital assets in vaults. cold. So it is no exaggeration to say that Primexbt is having the leading safety and security in the cryptocurrency industry in particular and the financial market in general.

In Primexbt traders are allowed to trade not only Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies but also Commodities, Indices, Stocks. Primexbt allows traders to use sizable leverage from 100x to 1000x depending on the individual commodity.

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Factor 2: Fees and Costs

After safety and security, fees and costs will be factors considered by investors. Let’s take a look at the fees at some of the top exchanges to choose the most optimal one.

Currently, Binance charges the highest user fees of all the major margin trading platforms with a whopping 0.1% fee on total trading volume. Users can use BNB to pay fees when making transactions because it is an exchange coin, so the transaction fee will be significantly reduced.

BitMEX and Deribit both charge users a fee of 0.075%, which is a bit lower than Binance, but they don’t have anything to offer to reduce transaction fees like Binance.

PrimeXBT is the exchange that currently has the lowest fees, the transaction fee is fixed for every transaction made on the exchange at 0.05% for all BTC transactions. Also, similar to Binance, PrimeXBT recently introduced a tiered fee structure. Is there will be a generous discount for active traders based on their 30-day total volume.

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Factor 3: Features and stability

Diversity of features and stability on the exchange are also factors that cannot be ignored.

In the past, investors have been shocked by a variety of variables: from a serious Binance data leak to the fact that the Deribit exchange has also faced controversy when a data breach led to it. an unusual and isolated Bitcoin flash crash. Many investors are really frustrated and lose faith, many people lose their assets and the positions they are running are stopped or liquidated suddenly. While BitMEX hasn’t faced any major problems lately, traders often complain about inconsistencies when placing orders and modifying existing orders – especially during times of crisis. lots of volatility on Bitmex.

So actually trading on an unstable platform can expose investors to unnecessary risks, which is why it is imperative to choose a platform like PrimeXBT or Binance – Exchanges Award-winning service and a track record of providing the most consistent and consistent customer service.

One feature that sets PrimeXBT apart from Binance is that it provides traders with access to a wide variety of markets beyond digital assets, providing access to commodities, FOREX trading pairs and stock index.

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Who takes the crown as the best platform for Bitcoin traders?


All exchanges have their pros and cons that need to be carefully weighed, but while looking at the three main factors discussed above it is clear that:

– BitMEX – which has long been the king of Bitcoin margin trading – can no longer be considered a viable option for traders.

– Bakkt, which gives users access to physically-settled Bitcoin futures, launched this past September and targets large traders and institutions, while offering users Secure and regulated means of trading and storing BTC. It’s important to note that the platform had a lackluster start but has since grown in popularity. It is likely that it will continue to grow further in the coming months and years as Bitcoin becomes mainstream and more widely adopted. While Bakkt has the potential to be a great platform, it is not ideal for active traders looking to trade with leverage, as its market offering is currently limited to Bitcoin and it does not allow users access to leverage.

– While considering the remaining options that give users access to leverage, the relatively high fees and lack of stability on Deribit make it a good option for traders, leaving Binance and PrimeXBT as the two best options.

PrimeXBT trading outperforms Binance in having slightly lower fees than Binance and privacy-conscious traders will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to reveal any personal information when they sign up for an account on PrimeXBT, while they have to go through the mandatory KYC procedures if they want to use Binance.

With this fact, PrimeXBT gains a valuable advantage over Binance and becomes the best margin trading platform available for Bitcoin traders.

A little bit about us:

Primexbt trading was born a few years ago but it has soon established itself in the financial market. Here, you can trade from cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities and indices… Outstanding advantages of Primexbt trading such as: beautiful interface, easy to use, low fees, leverage for home use. investors make money even when the market is down, complete set of supporting indicator tools, Primexbt convesting technology helps new investors to refer to trades of professional investors, Primexbt turbo technology allows demo investors before entering actual orders……

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