Primexbt expands cooperation with units to make it easier for users to trade bitcoin

  1. PrimeXBT cooperates with Coinify

In January 2021 Primexbt trading platform is proud to announce that it has successfully partnered with Coinify – an infrastructure platform that allows investors to buy Bitcoin and various leading cryptocurrencies, helping users Primexbt easier and more affordable digital asset ownership and Primexbt service is more improved.

Primexbt sees Coinify as a secure and secure transaction infrastructure platform, it offers the ease of buying cryptocurrency with debit, credit card and bank account and also to a degree high regulatory compliance. Coinify has worked with various national and international regulators such as the Danish Financial Authority, the Danish Tax Authority and the European Commission Blockchain and Virtual Currency Working Group to ensure that fully meet the regulatory standards set by these agencies to help users buy Bitcoin and digital currency in the easiest way.

Using the FIAT protocol, Coinify will allow Primexbt users to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies directly with their own available trading balance, meaning you only need a VISA credit or debit card or Mastercard you can also buy Bitcoin.

By many professional measures, Primexbt service has determined that the process of purchasing cryptocurrency by many users is more accessible and easy to use. Primexbt’s goal is to put its customers first, trying to simplify and streamline trading from the start, and these partnerships are just the beginning.

The team that founded and developed the PrimeXBT trading platform plan to aggressively expand the number of partnerships to push it to become a more global and available platform for its users.

To celebrate Primexbt’s partnership with Paxful, January 31, 2021, all Bitcoins purchased with tokens via Coinity will not be charged. That is, you will be trading with 0% fee compared to paying 4% as regular fee!

Here are the details on how to fund your account through Coinify.

Use your debit or credit card, on your dashboard you will see a box to click on alternative deposits allowing you to buy Bitcoin instantly – just click the button that says ‘Buy Bitcoin’.

This will offer many different types of services to be able to buy Bitcoins. Select Coinify and then your currency and payment method, then click ‘Buy’.


Step 1: Enter the amount you want to buy. Click ‘BUY NOW’:

Step 2: Fill in the Email and Password for your Coinify account, select your Country and click ‘Next’:

Step 3: Go to your email and Confirm Coinify account registration and confirm the payment method you want.

Step 4: Check Transaction details are correct then click ‘Go to Payment’:

Coinify requires KYC users to verify their identity and ensure the security of their transactions, this is perfectly reasonable and please verify your account following the steps and provide the required documents.

Step 5: Enter your card information correctly and click ‘Pay Now’ to confirm the transaction.

These simple steps will allow you to fund your PrimeXBT trading account with Bitcoin and many other leading cryptocurrencies conveniently, quickly and simply. Hopefully with Coinity, PrimeXBT will every day become the best and most enjoyable experience for users in the financial market.

2. PrimeXBT cooperates with Paxful

Continuing the series of days of expanding market share in the financial market. Primexbt is pleased to announce to users that it has partnered with Paxful, a leading global peer-to-peer finance platform, to make buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on PrimeXBT easier than ever. .

Referring to the peer-to-peer financial platform, veteran researchers in the financial industry will recommend you to the Paxful platform. Paxful is mentioned as the place where buyers and sellers of Bitcoin and the like are most easily connected. Paxful offers over 300 different available payment methods to make sure you can find the right deals and have the right payment method for you. Coupled with a solid platform and 24/7 customer support Paxful is committed to being an extremely secure platform.

Thanks to the partnership between PrimeXBT and Paxful you will see their web-based Virtual Bitcoin Kiosk to be integrated and available on PrimeXBT for new and existing users. This means that users of the Primexbt trading platform will be able to become part of Paxful’s peer-to-peer trading network.

Virtual Bitcoin Kiosk on Paxful is a tool that makes it much easier to buy Bitcoin for your PrimeXBT. That means you will have the ability to instantly match up with sellers that meet the criteria for your Bitcoin trading needs and buy them for storage or trading at Primexbt instantly.

Choose the currency you want to use to buy Bitcoin and the payment method, and Paxful will instantly connect you to those who want to sell Bitcoin that match that standard. And the transaction will be done with Paxful as a 3rd party to guarantee your rights if the transaction has problems.

For Primexbt users, this partnership is intended to provide PrimeXBT customers with access to a wide range of investors and new payment options through the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) marketplace powered by Paxful.

Use Paxful to deposit on PrimeXBT trading

If you’re looking to buy BTC to store or trade on your PrimeXBT account, it’s easy with Paxful. Too many payment methods for you:

Bank transfer

Online wallet

Payment in cash

Pay by debit/credit card

Digital currency

Gift card

Detailed step-by-step instructions to use Paxful on PrimeXBT trading.

Choosing a payment method Paxful will automatically open a separate tab in your browser and what do you do?

Step 1: Enter the currency and amount you use. Click ‘Login’:

Step 2: Please enter the Email for your Paxful account. Click ‘Login’:

You will be required to verify additional information, such as your phone number, ID and/or address, to verify your Paxful account when using the payment option for the first time. Please cooperate and click ‘Verify Me’ as shown in the screenshot and follow the provided Paxful verification procedures.

Step 3: Choose your Payment Method and click ‘Review Offer’:

Step 4:  Review once again the details of your transaction and confirm your purchase:

The final step that requires your cooperation is to verify your email and phone number to complete the transaction.

Towards the user’s trading experience, PrimeXBT is committed to more and more investment cooperation with more units to remove the barriers of deposit and withdrawal, buy and sell transactions with many different methods and bring an enjoyable experience. Convenient, easy and safe for investors who have, are and will trust the Primexbt trading platform.

A little bit about us:

Primexbt trading was born a few years ago but it has soon established itself in the financial market. Here, you can trade from cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities and indices… Outstanding advantages of Primexbt trading such as: beautiful interface, easy to use, low fees, leverage for home use. investors make money even when the market is down, complete set of supporting indicator tools, Primexbt convesting technology helps new investors to refer to trades of professional investors, Primexbt turbo technology allows demo investors before entering actual orders……

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