Gold trading

Gold transaction history.

Gold has been traded since early times, it was discovered and put into use before 500 BC. It was not until modern society that it became not just a precious metal used as jewelry or currency but as an investment vehicle. From 1980 until now, witnessing the explosion of cryptocurrency trading turned gold into a valuable asset for traders and the price of gold skyrocketed from around $36 in 1970 to $1750 at market value. market today and is listed under the symbol XAU on online exchanges.

What determines the price of gold?

Factors such as the amount of gold mined, the amount of gold held in central bank reserves, the value of the US dollar, demand from the jewelry market and other industries, and usage it’s to protect assets in times of economic uncertainty‚Ķthese are the fundamental factors that directly affect the physical gold price.

Gold mining

Every year Gold is still mined differently in nature and the amount of gold mined and released into the market every year has a significant impact on the price of gold through the balance of supply and demand. So far, up to 65% of the total gold supply has been mined and the limited supply makes gold increasingly scarce leading to the gold price trending higher and higher.

Central bank reserves

Central banks typically hold substantial amounts of gold as an emergency reserve currency. These banks buy gold to protect and enhance their purchasing power, and as a hedge against inflation.

Value of US Dollar

The XAU symbol is the symbol of Gold on exchanges and is often paired with the US dollar in the XAU/USD trading pair. The strength and trend of the US dollar also have an impact on gold prices.

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Worldwide industrial and jewelry demand

Gold has long been used as a sign of power, strength and wealth. It is widely used in the jewelry industry, ornate jewelry such as watches, rings and gold necklaces. Depending on the demand for these products and the supply coming to market, it can have a strong impact on the price of gold. Gold also has a number of other industrial uses, such as as a conductor in microchips and motherboards.

Protect wealth

Witnessing difficult economic times, high inflation, buying gold is a habit of large investors to protect their assets. When the economy is in recession, the price of gold often rises as investors look for a safe haven to store their money.

Gold trading in the 4.0 era

Over the centuries, witness the development of society through many stages. Gold began to gain a lot of attention and trade a long time ago when it was referred to as the “dawn of time”, and over the centuries gold has become the most traded asset in history. history. The original purpose of the gold trade was in exchange for goods, land or livestock, but later the precious metal was used as a currency and ornate jewelry.

For traditional gold trading, that is, with increasingly powerful technology, online Gold trading is currently dominating and many factors determine the price of Gold trading today. For traders on PrimeXBT, access to the Gold market is easy with a number of advanced trading tools provided to help build a successful trading strategy.

Take advantage of Gold and other markets Primexbt aims to help investors trade with low fees, near-instant order execution, and make sure your money and data are safe. secure with a bank-grade security system on a solid foundation.

Why trade gold with PrimeXBT?

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Fee savings! Benefit from PrimeXBT’s low commission rates and tight spreads while trading all available assets.

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Enjoy PrimeXBT ‘s security features that will keep your personal data and funds safe.

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PrimeXBT’s award-winning software provides traders with a wide range of professional trading tools. Access cryptocurrencies, stock indices, commodities and forex from a single account!

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How does Gold margin trading work?

Margin trading is a very popular way to speculate on the price movement of Gold. Margin trading means that the trader will not have to spend a large amount of money but will borrow money from PrimeXBT to open larger positions while betting only a small part of the overall position, called margin. fund. Basically, margin trading is very profitable when trading is successful.

This can lead to huge potential profits on Gold trades as the position is larger than the trader’s margin which means it is equally risky if the trade fails.

Benefits of trading gold with leverage.

Exaggerated profits

With the use of leverage in gold trading. It is quite possible to make a trade many times the amount you bet. It is one of the most effective ways to increase potential profits.

Can take multiple commands at the same time

Instead of the capital in the account you make 1 trade, you can use it to open multiple positions at the same time. Money is not locked into a position. It is a way to minimize the risk of entering a position.

Still making money from the bear market.

Margin trading also allows traders to open long and short positions to profit from both rising and falling markets.

Gold Leveraged Trading Example

Example: If a trader has a long position of $2,000 on Gold and it grows by 10%, using 10x leverage the same gain will become a 100% profit respectively you earn the amount of 2,000 dollars. A similar spot trade without leverage would only yield a 10% profit, or $200.

Disclaimer: Margin trading also comes with certain risks if the position goes against your will. So my advice to banjlaf is not to use 100% leverage and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

How to start trading gold?

1 Create your account

Create a new account on PrimeXBT trading in less than a minute. Just a registered E-mail to get started.

2 Top up your account

Easily deposit money into your personal trading account. We do not charge any fees when making a deposit.

3 Start trading

After you have made your first deposit to the trading platform and have funded your trading account, you can start trading immediately.

How can I trade gold?

Because gold has so many uses, industrial, decorative or monetary, it becomes an amazingly lucrative financial instrument for traders and investors. Gold investors often have many ways to increase their gold. In addition to physical gold reserves, they can be traded in many other ways such as:

Physical Metals

Physical Gold – Gold that is directly traded, held, or touched in the form of pieces, bars, or even through jewelry that can be weighed, measured, and measured using common physical indicators.

Gold Certificate

A gold certificate is a certificate of ownership of gold, issued by another entity holding the gold that an investor owns. Years ago, gold certificates were used as banknotes in the United States.

Gold futures contract

With the development of technology era 4.0, online trading and trading promotes Gold Futures Contracts (which are contracts that basically bet on the change of gold price in the future). These futures contracts often come with expensive fees that can eat into traders’ profits.

Gold-based ETF

For investors who want access to gold without owning the underlying asset, they can choose to invest in a gold-based ETF or an exchange-traded fund.

Contract for difference

Contracts for Difference or CFDs, one of the better options for traders who want access to the gold market. CFDs can be executed faster than other types of financial instruments.

Why does trading gold CFDs make sense?

PrimeXBT trading platform offers gold CFD trading, also known as contracts for difference. This is a good option for those who want exposure to the Gold market. By choosing CFDs on PrimeXBT instead of trading Gold futures or physical gold trades, traders can avoid excessive brokerage fees from their futures contracts and generate high profit margins. Potentially better profits from the positions they open.

PrimeXBT’s ultra-fast order execution and its reliable, stable trading engine guarantee the lowest spreads and the best trading experience. The trading platform is packed with advanced trading tools, such as long and short positions, advanced order types such as stop loss and take profit orders.

The platform is also completely safe and secure and offers 24/7 customer support through live chat, community channels, and more.

Recently, gold has become highly volatile, making it an ideal speculative asset to trade with CFDs. By doing this the investor doesn’t actually have to buy and hold the gold bar, traders can still profit from the continued rise in the price of gold and any ups and downs in between.

Gold’s trading hours follow the traditional markets, in which they trade Monday through Friday, 24 hours a day. Gold is off weekends and holidays, just like the stock market.

Gold trading today is easy with PrimeXBT. By trading CFDs with PrimeXBT trading platform, you don’t need to wait for a bullion to arrive to get started. Simply sign up for a free Bitcoin-based margin account and start trading gold CFDs today.

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