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What caused Bitcoin to slide down to $38,500 causing extreme fear among investors?

At noon this afternoon, the Bitcoin price suddenly plunged to about $ 38,500 according to the information recorded on the Binance exchange, today’s BTC price has hit its lowest level since March 15. Let’s find out why with What leads to this? If you don’t have an account Primexbt Login or register here Having lost […]

Bitcoin and ETH bottoming? Should we trade BITCOIN now?

Bitcoin and ETH bottoming? Several events occurred in the past 2 days that caused Bitcoin price to suddenly break the support level of 46,000 USD and drop to 41000 USD according to statistics from Tradingview. So what is the real reason for the BTC plunge and is there a chance for BTC to reverse the […]

The “death cross” that pushed BTC price down to $28.8k in early May has reappeared. $44,000 MAY BE A ‘bottom’

The “death cross” that pushed BTC price down to $28.8k in early May has reappeared A bearish crossover between Bitcoin’s 20-day and 200-day exponential moving averages suggests a drop towards the $40,000 – $42,000 region. If you don’t have an account Primexbt Login or register here On December 18, BTC price experienced a death cross, a […]

Bitcoin is down $15,000 and currently trading at $48,000 causing a 20-40% drop for altcoins

It hasn’t really been a good week for crypto investors, as the massive drop caused Bitcoin to lose 30% of its value quickly. The coin that was trading in the $50,000 to $60,000 range fell to the $40,000 level in a few hours. As expected of such a drastic drop for Bitcoin, altcoins were also […]

Bitcoin Leveraged Trading

What is leverage? The principle of operation of the leverage. Leverage is a powerful tool that takes advantage of relatively small price movements, “equipping” traders’ portfolios, thereby generating larger position sizes and to increase their capital. faster. Therefore, leverage is a very popular way for BTC investors to buy and sell BTC. Leverage works using […]

PrimeXBT’s Covesting Module

Convesting Module Convesting is the first form of copy trading in the field of cryptocurrency trading that is widely popularized, introduced to the market in 2017 by Convesting and in 2021 has become the alternative way of trading. fastest growing to trade profitably with the cryptocurrency market. Users, whether expert or novice, can choose to […]

Summary of some of the most effective trading methods

  1: Inside bar pattern of an inverted ascending triangle Price Pattern: The opposite ascending triangle pattern appears on the chart opposite the Inside bar candlestick pattern. Enter the order Bullish: we place a buy stop order above the high of the small bar. On the downside, we place a sell stop order below the […]