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BTC down 17% from new ATH. Altcoin season doesn’t continue?

BTC down 17% from new ATH. Altcoin season doesn’t continue? Bitcoin continues to leap forward, breaking new all-time highs in a matter of weeks, but the coin has tumbled after its most recent bull run. The king of cryptocurrencies officially hit $69,000 last week on his way to the key milestone that would be the […]

The US will become the world’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain country

The US is rapidly embracing decentralized finance, cryptocurrencies, and the innovative blockchain technology industry, vying for the number one spot globally. According to Cointelegraph, on October 6, Gary Gensler, the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) confirmed during a hearing of the House Committee on Financial Services that the regulator will not cryptocurrency […]

Gold price forecast and prediction for the period 2020-2030

In the past few days, witnessed the tremendous growth of BTC. Investors who believe in gold also have certain impatiences. Let’s analyze the gold market with Primexbt experts in the near future. Gold can without a doubt be one of the earliest established and mature markets when it comes to investable assets. The fact that […]

Bitcoin – the future currency, the hope of million

BTC has been around for a long time, the whole process of formation and development of BTC has given investors many different emotions: from hope to disappointment, from collapse to burst. Why say BTC will be a global alternative to fiat currency? Primexbt will help you answer this question? If you don’t have an account Primexbt […]

How to deal with a major crypto crash? Prepare well mentally with investing in Bitcoin

A crash, be it a stock or a cryptocurrency, is a time of the most stress and anxiety for many people. No one wants to lose profits that have accumulated over a long period of time. But the reality is that crashes are an important part of investing. Primexbt will help you better understand this […]

Analyst correctly predicts BTC monthly close – October target is $63,000

Analyst correctly predicts BTC monthly close – October target is $63,000 Before a series of bad information from the country of billions of people, China. Experiencing the last days of September with nothing flourishing, investors still hope and believe that the financial market will improve in the last 3 months of the year. Today is […]

Tools, technical indicators Part 2: ELLIOTT WAVE

As part 1 we mentioned to you Dow Theory, this is considered the basic principle for the birth of all technical analysis methods. But next, let’s dive into the specific analysis of the cycle structure of the price trend and the theory that Primexbt wants to talk about can only be Elliott Wave- An important […]

Tools, technical indicators Part 1: Dow Theory

Dow theory is known as the foundation of all schools, indicators and technical analysis tools, created by Mr. Charles H. Dow, the basic principles of this theory have been formed through through a series of editorials he wrote in the Wall Street Journal. These articles represent his beliefs about how the stock market reacts and […]